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Club 66 is a social networking club fostering community, local culture, and connectivity, powered by innovative partnerships, supporting holistic wellness and empowerment.
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Stimulating the mind, body, and soul of the local community

Fostering a strong sense of community is the foundation and DNA of the club.  We bring people together who share common interests and values, and provide a supportive network for them to connect, easily and authentically. The holistic well-being of our members is of the highest priority.Through engaging activities and tailored events, we’ve created a space where members can form meaningful relationships and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our local community in exciting ways.

Club 66's Brillares group presents opportunities that equip women with the knowledge and skills to navigate a balanced lifestyle. We focus on health and wellness, financial well-being, as well as help with navigating both the corporate world and entrepreneurship. Through mentorship programs and a community of like-minded individuals, we provide a safe and nurturing space where women can connect, share experiences, and collaborate, fostering personal autonomy and creating a path to success.

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Our Story

Club 66 is a vibrant community that brings together local individuals and businesses. We foster genuine relationships, creating a welcoming environment that reflects the unique culture and personalities of the area. Through gatherings, events and immersive experiences, we aim to inspire and empower our members to reach their full potential, as well as build a true sense of community together. At Club 66, you'll feel a sense of belonging, find your home away from home. We're excited to begin this journey with you, and excited that you're coming along for the ride!

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