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Become a Brillare

/bril·là·re/ verb


to (out) shine, sparkle, twinkle and stand out on account of courage and elegance; to be your very best

When women convene with shared intentions,
that’s where the magic happens.

If you believe in the power of independence as a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment, this is the place for you! We will provide tools to equip women with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of finance, business, investments and entrepreneurship. Let us help you make informed decisions and create a solid foundation.


Take control of your financial well-being and surround yourself with a supportive network of like-minded individuals — sign up today!

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Brillares are...

• Ready to take action and control of their future

• Curious women, looking to proactively advance their professional journeys

• Interested in making financial independence a priority

• Connecting with likeminded individuals and purposefully growing their network

• A cohort of women who actively help each other succeed.

Member Benefits


Choose your own adventure from a bill of options, including (but not limited to) expert-led workshops, intimate group sessions, schmoozing with corporate executives and entrepreneurs, sharpening decision-making skills and taking calculated risks, investing and wealth management, habit staking and accountability, forging strategic partnerships, and moral support from a group of wonderful women.

Expert advice from local female founders and corporate leaders, sharing their experiences and learnings, and providing insights for members preparing them to take on any challenges ahead; a space that encourages collaboration and authentic connection as women support women while problem solving and enabling personal growth, together.


A built-in dynamic community, featuring easy ways to connect like-minded individuals in person through purposeful activities as well as smaller cohorts dedicated to a variety of interests and passion points, a user-friendly member directory and elaborate online community space.


Exclusive discounts and deals for resources, tools, and enterprise solutions available that have been vetted by industry leaders,


Curated weekly entertaining and informative calendar of events, access to inspirational leaders,

including lively presentations and workshops, centered around the members needs, wants and desires.

Acknowledging the present and planning for the future, while understanding your individual situation and creating a purposeful plan to take action.

Celebrate the Wins

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