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Our purpose is to foster a sense of belonging and community, emphasized through personalization and connectivity.  We aim to nurture connections and encourage organic relationships that lead to meaningful friendships. Our events and experiences are designed to inspire and empower our members to achieve their full potential. With a members-first approach, our club is a reflection of the unique culture and personalities of the area. We are committed to providing support and growth opportunities, always open to ideas and suggestions as we work together to build a strong community. Club 66 is more than just a physical space, it's a place of comfort and inspiration for individuals to reach their life's goals.


At Club 66, our vision is to create a community hub where individuals and local businesses come together to connect, grow, and thrive. Our first location in Santa Monica, CA is just the beginning. Our goal is to take the hyper-local blueprint and duplicate it in other locations, building a network of inclusive communities across Southern California and beyond. Whether you are a seasoned local or new to the area, we want Club 66 to be a place where you can find inspiration and build meaningful relationships. We believe that by connecting individuals and businesses, we can create a ripple effect of positive change and growth in the communities we serve. Our team is dedicated to making this vision a reality, and we can't wait to see where this journey takes us.

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